Your boy is a soldier & he tastes of gunpowder,
when he touches you, his hands scorch your body,
leaving wisps of black smoke, 
that something happened here.
that this was a battleground. (x)

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That was the most perfect...

...perfect first kiss.

That was the second.

This is the third.

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Through the crowd, patchwork souls, Move closer, Closer
And when you fall Down in between them all
Here you are whole
Not Broken

swgraphicchallenge: codependentsamanddean vs proudofsammy

Prompt:Not Broken by Skye

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"Hey S’mmy, s’up man? Thought I’d check up s’been a while. M’fine I’m in… where am I… fuck I don’t even know the name of this town can you believe that? Doesn’t matter anyway. S’was ghost here Sammy, it killed people while they showered and guess what, it hid in the goddamn shampoo. Shampoo, Samantha, you’d have freaked out with those luscious locks of yours. Where are my fucking keys dammit? Wait wait ok got them, fucking door knob is stuck, motels suck S’mmy don’t go to motels. M’gonna crash now, s’late but… you okay, Sam? M’fine, me. M’fine. I… I don’t… … fucking shampoo right? See you bro."

When Dean wakes up with a pounding headache, his phone is still in his hand, and he curses inwardly. He checks the screen, out of habit more than anything else, because he may not remember anything about last night, but he knows exactly what he did, it happens more often than he’s comfortable with. It doesn’t stop his throat from tightening when he sees Sam’s name on the screen, two messages attached to it, and his fingers shake a little when he opens them.

[04:34 am] You’re a moron.

[05:12 am] I miss you too.

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John Finnemore announcing the news about Cabin Pressure’s Zurich at EuroAirDotCon in Milan 2014

I’m pretty sure icarusing has seen this, but AHHHHHH~!

look at my future husband. look how adorable he is. LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE HE IS LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS I’M—

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